Travel, in space

The shot:
Startrails streak through the night sky whilst traffic streams past an MPV vehicle parked by the roadside

How better to represent a spacious car called Galaxy?

How better to represent a spacious car called Galaxy?

The story:
The car was on loan from Ford to try and convey the dual concepts of space and travel in a magazine photoshoot (N-Photo; Issue #5). Sadly when the mag team joined me it was cloudy but the following night it cleared- often the way when dependent on the weather. Parking up and composing I stumbled upon a problem: occasional lights from oncoming lorries were glaring into the camera and destroying the scene. The solution: light the car & capture the traffic trails first, then move the car to a position where it was blocking the oncoming lights. It’s time consuming, but made the difference between getting the shot and not!

The tip:
Layers in PhotoShop make it easy to blend different parts of multiple images but if you’re going to recompose any part of the scene between shots, check; double check & triple check that you’ve covered all bases. Ambient light, foreground lighting, subject lighting, focus, overlap between elements. They all matter- overlook nothing and leave nothing to chance!


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