Go drive!

The Shot:
An automotive rigshot- made by attaching the camera to the car via suction cups and a long boom- shot over 30 seconds beneath the light of a nearly-full moon.

Automotive rigshot made under moonlight

Automotive rigshot made under moonlight

The Story:
Since completing the build of my automotive rig I’ve been trying to catch up with some of my ideas, one of which was to shoot a nighttime rigshot with purely ambient lighting from the moon. Lunar light is powerful enough given the right exposure but for most automotive rigs, cobbled together from bits of DIY equipment, the need to keep the camera stable over a long exposure is a convincing deterrent not to try. However, with a carbon fibre boom my rig can endure extended exposures- the shot above was for 30 seconds, with the car moving steadily the whole time. Some subtle lightpainting filled in the shadows & added a highlight along the length of the car- but most of all left me with the challenge of still needing to shoot an entirely moonlit rigshot!

The Tip:
Just do it. The weather conditions were against us and it was a big ask of the rig equipment, but it all fell into place when it mattered to create a pretty special shot.


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